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Partnering to Improve US Product Launch Success

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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“With a growing number of upcoming launches, and an increasingly competitive marketplace, we committed to elevating our Product Launch Capability and turned to MHC to help lead the way. MHC quickly provided Launch Leadership, a flexible resourcing model, established Launch Excellence standards and helped embed agility into our Launch Process.”

– Merck Launch Lead


A Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical company was looking to improve Product Launch success for their US Portfolio. With a growing number of launches and an increasingly competitive marketplace, creating a new approach to launch was paramount if they were to achieve their business objectives.

The absence of a standard approach to launching products combined with a lack of skilled and experienced launch resources made improving launch success more challenging.

In order to provide Brand Managers and US Marketing Leads (USML) a new and improved level of launch support, leadership recognized they needed help from an experienced partner. They turned to Magic Hat Consulting to design and implement a more effective approach to launching products in the US.

Addressing the Issues: Expertise, Partnership and Optimization

  • Magic Hat was engaged and immediately focused on helping stabilize in-flight launches and then began developing the framework for the future.

  • To create stabilization, Magic Hat placed Launch Leaders for all in-flight and upcoming product launches.

  • Once stabilized, Magic Hat partnered with the client to develop a comprehensive Launch Excellence Playbook that would serve as a standard approach and foundation to guide all future US Launches.

  • Launch Plan templates, executive dashboards, training curriculum and other launch artifacts were key components that contributed to the value and effectiveness of the LEx Playbook.

  • Optimizing the Launch Operating Model by embedding continuous improvement plays a critical role in Launch Excellence.

  • In alignment with the company’s vision, Magic Hat integrated several agile principles into the standard launch process, including sprints, retrospectives and daily standups.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

  • Design and execution of a repeatable, best in class Launch Excellence Capability, including Launch Playbook, Tools, Processes, and Operating Model

  • Seamless integration of Magic Hat Consulting Launch Specialists enabled successful delivery of all in-flight launches as well positioned future launches for success.

  • Successfully increased the level of support for Brand Managers and USML’s, and achieved higher levels of client satisfaction.



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