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Successfully Driving Organizational Change

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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The Prosci Methodology strongly resonated with our client because of 20+ years of Change Management research and 80% of Fortune 100 companies have utilized Prosci Methodology.


Following the acquisition of a mid-size competitor, the finance team of a global pharmaceutical company with 32,000 employees sought to improve business performance and simplify operations. As part of this effort, the decision was made to migrate their ERP system to SAP S/4Hana.

This migration would have a major impact on the daily operations of more than 5,000 users – including employees and outsourced business partners across a range of departments.

Leadership realized that they would need help in effectively managing these significant changes and ensuring full adoption. They turned to Magic Hat Consulting to provide organizational change transformation services to ensure the success of this major endeavor.

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We are certified in the Prosci Methodology and other leading Change Management approaches. Our broad and deep knowledge uniquely qualifies us to partner successfully with clients to achieve their change goals.

Addressing the Issues: Governance & Effective Communication

Magic Hat was engaged as a strategic change partner and immediately established a clear governance structure to engage global stakeholders, clarify the decision-making process, and accelerate the communication and training strategy.

Using the Prosci methodology, a comprehensive awareness strategy was developed to engage and align stakeholder groups. Thorough training and an effective Change Leader program provided users with the knowledge, ability and reinforcement required to adopt the new system and ways of working.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

  • Reduced time to perform transactions and analyze business data in real time

  • Repeatable governance structure and approach for future change initiatives

  • Established Change Leaders and training program to ensure sustainability

  • Produced effective user guides and efficient training support for the new platform

  • Platform users readily embraced the new ERP system



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