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Our Team

More than just a group of incredibly experienced life sciences professionals we are a passionate team committed to help companies who make the world a healthier place. Experienced, savvy, bold, and creative, we ask the right questions and arrive prepared to solve your specific challenges and achieve your unique goals.

Industry Focus

There is power in focus – our sole commitment to serve the Life Sciences Community deepens our expertise and strengthens our capabilities, resulting in high impact solutions.

Blended Experience

We built a team comprised of ‘industry experts and management consultants’ across a wide range of career experience, amassing invaluable knowledge and perspectives to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Committed Partners

As a niche consultancy, we are hyper-focused on two things – focusing on what we do best and doing whatever it takes to deliver results and success for our clients.

Meet Our CEO

Jim Lyons

Jim Lyons

As founder and CEO of Magic Hat, Jim finds his greatest passion in building teams, empowering people and creating a culture that breeds unprecedented achievement for all.

Over the past 25 years, he has successfully led operations, sales, delivery and marketing for large, mid-market and start-up organizations. With deep roots in management consulting, his specialty is helping companies to create innovative products and services with a unique competitive advantage.

Jim’s commitment to challenge convention, lead change and build the future is his key to success. Guided by his strategic entrepreneurship, Magic Hat Consulting has been consistently recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the greater Philadelphia area (Hall of Fame Inductee to the Philadelphia 100) and hailed as one of the fastest growing companies in the US by INC500.

Our History

IT Magic Hat Opens

Jim Lyons, founder & CEO, launches IT Magic Hat. Based in suburban Philadelphia, Magic Hat serves clients in the Northeast.

We Achieve Award Winning Growth

In a few short years, we’re recognized as the 4th Fastest Privately-Owned Growing Company in Philadelphia.

Our Growth Continues

For the 8th consecutive year, Magic Hat Consulting achieves both top and bottom line growth.

We Commit to Life Sciences

Amidst the global impact of Covid, we commit to working with companies that make the world healthier.






We Become Magic Hat Consulting

We rebrand to Magic Hat Consulting, further amplifying our mission to provide top-quality professional services.


Success Brings Greater Recognition

We are recognized as the 182nd Fastest Privately-Owned Growing Company in the USA.


We Adapt to Better Serve Clients

To meet our clients' needs, we pivot our services to deliver management consulting to the Health & Wealth industries.

Our Services

Let's Work Together

Contact us to learn more about how we can help achieve your business goals.

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