A critical success factor for transformation is listening to the voice of the customer (VOC), and walking in their shoes. Knowing your customer and interjecting insights into critical processes ensures process capability to meet requirements. We develop and deploy VOC programs. 

Listening to the customer is essential for your business' success.


A critical success factor for transformation is listening to the voice of the customer (VOC), and interjecting their requirements and expectations into all you do including:  sales, marketing, customer service, delivery, operations that produce what is sold; all successfully anticipating and responding to customer “moments of truth.”   


It goes without saying that a loyal customer is the life blood of your organization. Today, satisfied customers are just not good enough.  The closer you are to your customer, the more intimate you can be with their specific critical requirements. By meeting these requirements and anticipating changing needs, you will build loyalty. Customer loyalty is the true goal—the Holy Grail—of any growth strategy. Loyalty always trumps satisfaction in order to make your business strong and sustainable.


Magic Hat works with you to build VOC programs that provide you with the ability to listen and improve.  Consistent with all our methodologies, we use a systematic approach focused on “with the customer, for the customer”.   We first identify customer segments, then design the vehicles that will help you listen (i.e. surveys, focus groups, mystery shopper) and analyze new and existing customer information (i.e. complaints/reviews).  As the VOC data is captured, we facilitate working sessions with employees closest to the customer with leaders to translate VOC into requirements.  We then work with our clients to measure performance versus the customer’s requirements and the capability of processes to consistently deliver value.

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