Change is good. Except, of course, when it isn’t. And when it comes to embracing new partners or technology, change often comes with considerable pain points for many companies. That’s because they frequently lack an understanding of what it truly takes to get from A to B – and of the process gaps that may exist. Without this baseline knowledge, any selection of new vendors or systems is inherently flawed. 


Evaluate the old, before in with the new


From capacity to competency, costs to quality control and beyond, Magic Hat Consulting employs a phased vendor and system evaluation methodology. Recognizing the immense impact that change can have on one or more process areas, Magic Hat will:


  • Work with senior leadership to understand and clearly articulate the key objectives associated with the project

  • Analyze and document the AS-IS process, and identify the key capabilities needed to reach the TO-BE target environment

  • Identify critical gaps and exposure points as part of the full capability, which will then determine the evaluation criteria

  • Construct a buy vs. build analysis if internal alternatives exist that could become viable options


With Magic Hat’s guidance, your organization will be able to:


  • Gain the objectivity to make the right selection the first time, without internal biases or agendas

  • Learn how to assess and make choices based on the right technical and financial considerations

  • Minimize the impact on existing operations by having a comprehensive migration strategy and execution plan already in place

  • Monitor current vendors to manage costs, promote continuous improvement, and mitigate risk created by changes in the business environment

Let's set the stage for your success


Magic Hat consultants bring decades of combined experience in project leadership, along with specialized skills in system and vendor evaluations. Contact us today to start a conversation.


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