Agile for Business

Adopting the Agile for Business Framework is no longer optional.  Digital business requires

agility.  For more on how to implement an Agile for Business approach in your organization contact us.

The Magic Hat Team


Magic Hat will work with you to clearly understand your goals and then develop the best approach to achieving those goals.  Our senior practice leaders will play a key role in partnering with you throughout the entire project, rolling up their sleeves whenever necessary and remaining in constant communication with you and our entire team to ensure the successful delivery or your solution.  With an average of over 20 years of managing large teams and complex programs, Magic Hat’s senior practice leaders, combined with our proven consultants, have the skills, experience and complete commitment to delivering desired results to you.


A simple approach to getting started might include:


  • Conducting whiteboard sessions and stakeholder interviews to get to the bottom of what the organization wants to accomplish as well to identify any possible risks/issues associated with achieving your goals

  • Potentially identifying pilots or proof of concepts as possible approaches to gain momentum to fuel future success

  • Perform a brief yet impactful engagement to understand where you are headed, where you stand today and determine the path to move you from today to your future state.


By working with Magic Hat, you’ll benefit from:


  • Tapping into highly skilled and experienced senior practice leaders who understand making you successful is how they make the practices they manage at Magic Hat successful.  This transparent alignment between your success and our practice leader’s success creates a genuine win/win.   

  • Proven delivery methodologies, frameworks, tools and our commitment to raise the internal competency of every client we work with.  It’s not enough that Magic Hat delivers for you, we want you to be better off as an organization for having engaged Magic Hat.

  • Magic Hat’s incredibly deep pool of niche talent that we leverage to build and deploy highly effective project teams on behalf of our clients.

  • The perspective that our consultants have as many of them have been both consultants and in-house business managers.


Let's set the stage for your success


For large scale, strategic initiatives, partner with Magic Hat to handle your resourcing needs. Contact us today to start a conversation.


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