It is important to address the critical few projects/processes that will provide the highest return on your resource investment. In complex organizations with a high number of initiatives and stakeholders, making objective BPI Project selections and executing them can be challenging.  


Not all operating problems need improvements projects


We strongly recommend “not doing projects for projects sake.”   We systematically work with our clients to identify, prioritize, and select projects aligned to their strategic goals and objectives.   We help create your pipeline of transformation and improvement projects.


We have developed a systematic approach to help our clients select projects.  We work with business leaders, and/or process teams to capture and consolidate points of pain which prevent the accomplishment of objectives and optimization of results.  We develop problem statements for each point of pain which become potential projects.  We enable prioritization by use a structured, iterative, discussion based analysis method which aligns the potential projects to your strategic drivers/goals and use filters for evaluation of the project.  Examples of these filters could include analysis of ease of solution implementation, ROI, resource availability.


After prioritization, we facilitate a session with business leaders to evaluate and select the right projects.  Selection is complete when we identify project sponsors, Improvement/Transformation Team Leaders and, complete project charters. 

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