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PPM & Strategic Coaching Deliver Greater Efficiency & Effectiveness

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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“The team at Magic Hat Consulting empowered our client to execute their vision more effectively through an increasingly productive allocation of their resources and time.”

– Engagement Leader, Magic Hat Consulting


The Business Problem

PPM and Strategic Coaching Deliver Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness Final.pdf

A global pharmaceutical enterprise business unit within a $40B+ company was experiencing challenges balancing work organization, time management, and resource allocation across their existing project workstream.

Lack of transparency and access to portfolio content when planning annual budgets for internal projects impeded the team’s productivity levels and ease of communication.

The absence of a financial/funding management portfolio system made resource planning within the team unnecessarily challenging.

Following some exposure to Project Portfolio Management (PPM) methodologies or the positive benefits of these techniques, the team’s leadership grew interested in changing their overall operating model. Leadership was eager to improve the team’s capacity to carry out vital tasks more effectively.

Addressing the Issues: Transparency & Prioritization

  • Partnering closely with leadership, we quickly assessed their current operations and developed a roadmap to create the right level of support; we produced plans to deliver the proper tools and coaching model to educate the team on the best PPM techniques for long term success.

  • This team required support to optimize their operating model, create and improve internal processes, and navigate the change; we provided that advice, coaching and support to effect that change across the team.

  • Building on Portfolio and Project Management Processes as the foundation of support for this team, we created a common language, and set of tools/processes for better communication and prioritization of tasks.

  • We provided executive and team coaching to support and accelerate the overall adoption of the newly established Portfolio and Project Management processes, including the transfer of ownership of the process and tools to an internal stakeholder.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

  • Clear insight into a single, comprehensive, and transparent portfolio.

  • Strategy and execution alignment through the adoption of a shared vision of priorities and goals.

  • Simplified and effective financial management by moving from project to portfolio view – allowing team project owners to become seasoned in this new process and utilizing it for communication across future initiatives with the team.

  • Efficient portfolio execution through the adoption of a consistent planning and delivery prioritization process.



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