For many PMOs (and their SIO counterparts), there’s a fine line between adding real business value and adding too much bureaucracy. Even those skilled at driving improvement can be tempted to pull the reigns ever-tighter. But higher oversight often leads to over-administration, which stifles creativity at the BU level and adds layers of enterprise-wide processes – instead of streamlining them.

Clarity that helps you gain control


Through a 12-point assessment process covering everything from corporate culture to risk aversion,

Magic Hat Consulting brings a clarity of purpose to new or existing PMOs/SIOs. Together, we’ll:

  • Define your PMO’s/SIO’s reason for being, the criteria that will determine its success and, if needed,how to sell its mission to senior executives

  • Evaluate whether a consultative or centralized model is the best structure within your enterprise

  • Gauge where on the maturity spectrum your PMO/SIO lies and identify how
    it can grow with the business

  • Determine the strategic approach – should the PMO execute a broad set of projects to run the business or a narrower set to grow it?


At the end, your enterprise’s PMO/SIO will be empowered to:


  • Better identify the highest value-driving projects and initiatives for the business

  • Pinpoint redundant processes to minimize wasted time and effort

  • Seamlessly foster continuous improvement without getting in the way of it

Let's set the Stage for your Success


With numerous such engagements under its hat, Magic Hat Consulting has the insights your PMO or SIO needs to deliver measurable performance gains. Contact us today to start a conversation.


Clients interested in evaluating their PMO/SIO also typically ask us to:


  • Conduct a maturity assessment

  • Develop and manage specific success metrics


If you think back over your project career, you’ll likely find multiple examples of initiatives that, once completed, never quite lived up to their initial promise. And it’s not for lack of trying, or of intelligence. These projects are often made up of veritable brain trusts of high achievers. So where do things go awry?  Where exactly is the disconnect?

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