As project demands continue to exceed resource availability, organizations must be able to effectively balance the capacity and capability equation. This delicate balance also needs to keep pace with business needs. When resource needs and overall resource management becomes more complex, the traditional staffing model just won’t cut it. 


When You Need More than just a Vendor


Magic Hat Consulting has developed the next generation of Managed Services and it is called “Strategic Delivery Partnership” (SDP). 


Our Strategic Delivery Partnership leverages the most valuable attributes from consulting services and combines them with the most valuable attributes of staffing services, resulting in improved quality, greater cost savings and measureable performance for our clients. 


Each SDP is customized to meet your specific needs and is designed to seamlessly integrate the right resources into your organization that are functionally and organizationally aligned and culturally aware resulting in a highly effective and efficient extension of your delivery team. 


  • SDP is “Strategic” because it focuses on strategic services (Program/Project Management, Process & Business Analysis, and Organizational Change
    Management Services)  

  • We use the word “Delivery” because its results oriented and therefore we measure performance through co-developed SLAs

  • It is a “Partnership” because SDP more equally shares risk and responsibilities
    between Magic Hat and our clients 


Some attributes of our SDP include:


  • On-Boarding: coordinating and ensuring both operational and project requirements are achieved, while also providing a customized pre-training/orientation program to assimilate the consultant quickly accelerating productivity

  • Delivery Management: utilizing our Delivery Directors to coordinate the selection,
    on-boarding and on-going management of our consultants resulting in a more efficient process upfront and improved quality over time

  • Resource Management: work closely with our clients to provide resource management strategies to improve overall delivery capabilities

  • Professional Development: identify opportunities for on-going professional
    development for both our client employees and our consultants demonstrating commitment to the personal growth our people while strengthening overall delivery capabilities for the organization

  • Performance Measurement: establish meaningful Service Level Agreements that will measure the success of the program and provide insights for continuous improvement


In this partnership, you’ll benefit from:


  • A more cost-effective approach to your staffing needs through reducing resource turnover and time spent on resource allocation

  • Increased quality through on-site delivery management, and strategic alignment and elevating the skill sets of your delivery team through professional development.

  • Measured performance of individual consultants and the team overall to drive continuous improvement



Let's set the stage for your success


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