Often in an organization, there exist a high number of large, strategic programs providing a degree of conventional value at specific levels. But just as often, they lack a clear aggregation to the portfolio view. This discord jeopardizes outcomes at BU and enterprise levels by introducing risk and misappropriating resources. So how can you keep projects aligned with strategies to foster successful outcomes at all levels? 



Horizontal and vertical views - the keys to success


Magic Hat consultants will conduct a thorough alignment analysis, considering everything from enterprise vision and program objectives, to funding and project selection criteria.  With what’s good for the BU and critical for the business in mind, we’ll:


  • Identify the highest value-driving business objectives and initiatives, from the enterprise strategy level, right on down to the business operations level

  • Evaluate the economic value of how your organization’s funds are spent, determining where you should prioritize – and how you can optimize

  • Define the measurements needed to answer whether a project syncs with strategic objectives, and ensure its ongoing alignment


As we develop a deep understanding of objectives, constraints, assumptions and relevant data, we’ll help decision-makers in your organization:


  • Save wasted money, time and resources from projects that aren’t properly aligned with enterprise objectives, and reallocate to ones that are

  • Distinguish between the perceived importance of internal agendas and the real importance of strategic objectives

  • Maintain your organization’s short and long-term focus (from strategy to BU levels), while preserving the enterprise mission and vision

Let's set the stage for your success


With numerous such engagements under its hat, Magic Hat Consulting has the insights your organization needs to clarify what’s good for the BU and good for the business. Contact us today to start a conversation.


Clients interested in aligning their portfolio strategies also typically ask us to:


  • Conduct a maturity assessment

  • Develop and manage specific success metrics



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