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Magic Hat Consulting

Our Solutions

We leverage our knowledge and expertise to deliver tailor made solutions that ensure you have the right strategy, confidence in achieving objectives, and the necessary capabilities to realize sustainable success. 

Our Services

Product Launch


By implementing strategies that prioritize early-post launch success, our expertise aids in optimizing companies' commercialization efforts. 

  • Alignment

  • Priorities & Succes Factors

  • Readiness Frameworks


We partner with your team to develop the overall launch plan, reduce operational risks, and bring functions together to effectively collaborate.

  • Operationalize Strategy

  • Launch Plan Development

  • Organizational Alignment


Our team executes various activities to optimize client launch success, from planning to implementation across multiple channels.

  • Implement Launch Plan

  • KPIs & Risks

  • Reporting & Optimization

Our Services


Commercial Expertise

MHC’s team of industry experts deliver high-value solutions improving and optimizing performance resulting in measurable and sustainable results. We help our clients cost-effectively bridge resource gaps and broaden capabilities enabling consistent achievement of their goals.

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Business Analytics

  • Pricing & Forecasting

  • Medical Affairs

  • Market Access

  • Regulatory

Consulting Competencies

We engage as a partner and trusted advisor through all phases of our client’s projects. By leveraging our deep consulting expertise, we help enable successful business transformations.

  • Strategy Alignment

  • Process Improvement

  • Program Management

  • Change Management

List not exhaustive. MHC serves all functional areas.

Our Services

Let's Work Together

Contact us to learn more about how we can help achieve your business goals.

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