Many Business Analysts receive formal skills-based training and certifications through various organizations and on-the-job training. But there’s often a gap between theory and practice, and Business Analysts often struggle to apply what they’ve learned for a variety of reasons, including established corporate cultures and loosely defined process and practices.

A little guidance can go a long way


Magic Hat will first gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives and desired level of competency within your Business Analysis discipline. Next, we will work with you to outline options, including:


  • Shadow mentoring, where we work side-by-side with the BA for real-time consulting and mentoring

  • One-to-many mentoring, where we address a group’s competency as a whole

  • Train the trainer programs, where we mentor the internal leaders who provide guidance to
    their respective teams

  • Customized workshops, where we address a specific area that needs improving

By working with Magic Hat to mentor your Business Analysts, you can:


  • Solidify their understanding of the techniques, methodologies and approaches needed to lead
    your team to success

  • Create greater efficiency by promoting teamwork and collaboration within and among
    employee groups

  • Improve critical thinking, allowing them to find the right answers to the right questions more quickly and effectively

  • Strengthen your investment in human capital by building leaders from within – all while demonstrating your cultural commitment to employee development

Let's set the stage for your success


Magic Hat Consulting has the right experience and expertise to coach and mentor your team to be more effective and successful. Contact us today to start a conversation.



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