When transformation efforts fail it is because leaders don’t address employees’ resistance to change. We enable communication planning, build accountability and design training programs to upskill employees.

We bring tangibility to the abstract


When transformation efforts fail, often times it is because leaders do not build commitment by addressing employees’ resistance to change.  Leaders talk about doing change management but rarely walk the talk.  It is imperative to demonstrate patience as well as perseverance when making the necessary investment and commitment to change management. 


Leaders often discount change management as being “soft” and not measurable.  We develop and apply “hard” programs, tools, and methods to build, create enthusiasm for change, measure performance and sustain commitment.


Our approach for Change Management focuses on providing our clients the ability to build commitment by attacking resistance to change that is embedded in its culture. We focus on the 3 core elements:  (1) ensuring all in the group embrace the group’s vision, and see, feel how its strategy and what they do for business contributes to its success through mission development, communications planning and stakeholder engagement; (2) ensure accountability is fully understood through measuring performance aligned to goals/objectives and delivering value to customers; reinforce the right behaviors by methods of recognition/reward, and apply consequences when goals are not achieved to drive corrective action; (3)  Identify what is needed to execute change, and invest in employees to ensure they have the proper skills  through education in the tools, knowledge, and competency enhancement to help achieve success. 

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