More and more, executive stakeholders are not satisfied with justifying a project based solely upon an identified business opportunity and recommendation. They need to know why they should invest in this project, what are the intended business benefits, how do the benefits align to the strategic goals and when will the benefits be realized.

Because you need to know why


Magic Hat Consulting considers benefits realization as a critical aspect to project success and achieving strategic goals. We will work with your organization to assess the current state of benefits realization within your project life cycle. We will work with your team to design the framework and toolkit, and implement it within your organization.

The right tools for the job


The Benefits Realization Framework includes the tools and templates necessary to identify, define, track and measure business benefits of your strategic project initiatives. Implementing this framework enables the project team to focus on delivering business value, not just project deliverables.

Magic Hat has the experience and skills needed in order to design the Benefits Realization Framework for your continued project delivery success. 

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