In large or fast-growing organizations, it is not often easy to maintain transparency and manage all of the functions that go into making the company successful. With the push to innovate, the organization’s capabilities and functions must be properly aligned to the vision and strategy in order to move forward in an efficient and effective way.

Setting your destination and charting your course on a complex journey


Magic Hat Consulting offers a customized approach of services to help you take advantage of the key benefits of Business Architecture methods.  Magic Hat’s “Business First” focus can assist you in achieving your business strategy via a top-down approach toward building out capability maps, organizational process models, and business blueprints that tie together with your business transformation roadmaps in order to set your course forward.

Transcending from Roadmap to Execution is critical to your success


From roadmap to execution, we can assist you in building your portfolio of critical business initiatives by guiding you in creating and prioritizing your programs and projects that best enable your opportunity for success. After working with Magic Hat Consulting, you’ll benefit from:


  • Improved strategic-level planning visibility

  • Established baseline for transformation roadmaps

  • Reusable living reference artifacts to leverage for proper portfolio planning

  • Full traceability from business strategy to project execution

Magic Hat focuses on Business Architecture as the foundation of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and the strategic driver for IT architecture in order to deliver value-added service to your Organization.


Magic Hat’s team of experienced professionals can help bring maturity to your business architecture work. Contact us today to start a conversation.

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