"We need to move code to production faster, so we are moving to Agile".  Have you heard this before?   Have you been asked to lead an Agile transformation for your organization?  If so, we can help you identify and achieve your Agile goals through Coaching and Training.

Agile Transformation


An Agile transformation can take on many forms. Often it can start as a Top Down initiative, a Bottom Up grass roots effort, or a “test and see” approach with a pilot team.  No matter how it begins, there are many misconceptions and generally bad practices occurring that cause teams and management alike to become frustrated with the process, missing of targets, and the lack of explainable results.   


Our Agile transformation team members are some of the best in the industry. We have a breadth of real world experience combined with technical certifications to support and validate our knowledge.  Our coaches are not “glorified” scrum masters that took a two-day class and now call themselves a coach, rather they are individuals that have worked with clients ranging from startups firms to Fortune 100 organizations across many industries.  


Our transformation team works with everyone from the executive layer to the development team level.  We are committed to fully understanding your current situation, goals, and obstacles either through an Assessment or a Coaching engagement.  


Agile Training


Whether you are looking for a certified or a non-certified training session, we provide flexible options to best fit your specific situation.  The trainings we offer are as follows:



          Agile Foundations

          User Story Writing

          Agile for Executives



          Certified and Non Certified Scrum Master® (CSM)

          Certified and Non Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)



          Scaled Agilist

          Leading SAFe 4.0

          SAFe for Teams

          Implementing SAFe 4.0

          PI Planning Sessions

Whether you are in need of team level training (basic Scrum and Agile courses) or a full SAFe portfolio training, Magic Hat is ready to take Agile to the next level. 

Agile Training is a great compliment to an Agile Assessment and a great start to an Agile Coaching engagement. We help you and your team get started on the right track, with the right information and a proven approach, in order to create your individual Agile Playbook.  


Agile Consulting


If your organization is currently working in an Agile methodology, we can provide assistance with filling an Agile Project Manager, Agile Business Analyst, or a Scrum Master. 


Let our experts identify and thoroughly vet candidates for you by leveraging our internal expertise.   Our team collectively brings over 50 years of experience working in Agile teams and transformations. We know how to easily identify the individuals, understand the material and have real world experience. We will mitigate your risk of potentially working with candidates that took one training class and classify themselves as experts. We work with clients to help them achieve and exceed goals.  

Let's set the stage for your success.


Magic Hat Consulting has mature, seasoned executives to manage the most complex programs. Contact us today to start a conversation.


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